My tower

Started running new Boss content..still at 70...

Went to do tower, all went normally till floor 8 or 9..a balog/abigail/drakk team first took apart my 3 tower teams, then slowly destroyed most of the rest of my roster.

Then I got an error code, came back in, got the code again, came back in (retreated, tried a new team), got another error code.

The bothersome thing was how invincible those three seemed to be.

Tomorrow's tower better not be like that. I fear it is related somehow to the level cap increase.


  • My tower today has 5 floors of barbarian teams level 70+. Not exactly sure how I’ll handle it.
  • Last 3 barb teams. Here we go.
  • for the first time in 2 years(?) i wasn't able to defeat the tower.
    i lost 12 heroes to 1 balog who did 12k damage with his cry havoc....

    it was a lvl 74 team and the balog had 10% heal each turn, pfff
  • is it me, or are the barbarians getting full ability regain on floor re-entry?
    Oh the profanity!
  • PugsOfWar wrote: »
    Yesterday, the first half of my tower contained 4 Solaris-GT-GG floors (mostly with Lilly or Agnon) and ended with 5 straight Shade+Barbarians floors (and they were jacked up on some powerful runes). My full roster has almost always been enough to beat the tower but I only made it to floor 10.

    The barbarians are bad enough but it was Shade that really put things over the top. He seemed to have almost no cool down between spirit links and would use it as soon as I entered the floor - even when he had just used it the previous round. He also kept using taunt to force my team to target him (I am assuming that he stole that buff using a rune). This basic pattern happened on each of the floors and it crippled my approach to dealing with these teams.

    It was both brutal and futile.
  • Derision wrote: »
    is it me, or are the barbarians getting full ability regain on floor re-entry?

    Yes. I think that you are right. I am seeing incredibly short cool downs and when I re-enter a floor the shade plus barb team seems to be at full ability.

    I also have seen the barbs use their “you cannot kill me” passive multiple times on a floor. Example: Drakk gets down to zero health during one round but his invincibility keeps him alive for the rest of that round. My team dies before I can finish him off. When I return to the same floor with a new team, Drakk has no visible health but when I hit him his invincibility triggers again and I can’t kill him for at least one more round.
  • Its Simple.

    They get brand new everything each floor.

    You don't.

    If you have lost the 1 or 2 healers you had, you're pretty much done. Even then. there's little opportunity to heal in battle if in dire shape.

    Current Tower = exercise in frustration and massochism = not worth it. Game either provides alternative sources of gems or game not worth it.
  • StinkyStinky Member
    edited May 2018
    Healing's been dead for ages. The tower's been about mitigation (Goretusk, Ferno) and revives (Zomm, Emily) since the combat revamp.

    If barbs are getting ability resets when redoing the same floor, then that's a bug that should be fixed - having suicide squads that soak up Cry Havocs should be a legit strategy.
  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
    edited May 2018
    (Stinky you are right - and I should have mentioned "revivers" instead of healers..thanks for the clarify..)
  • StinkyStinky Member
    RIP Nub Nub. You were too beautiful to live. :(
  • phoxterphoxter Member

    Got this error code in the tower this morning.
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