Please let level 70-80fight. They paid you!

Not forever jus maybe 2weeks to let us know the value of the 10levels. Like I'm f2p I value my gems differently than spenders. Meaning my gems r spent for account success/growth if something isn't a must have I go after it my own pace if something is a must have I like knowing I can have it now or later based on how many gems I throw at it. Meaning here i am asking how much is level 80worth can I jus play and get there or would I be losing unnessary fights jus because of not investing. Because so far people I look forward to fighting r people with elite sets. But so far all these 70plus i see have runes like or worse than mine. But the level 80 full elite fights are worth alot knowledge to me but I can't fight them. So they paid (X) amount for an advantage vs players like myself to find out they can't fight me.


  •  Anyone who is capable of making boss 100 list should also b able to battle the other 99players on the list. Otherwise ur saying not all boss 100spots r equal. So someone can finish top 10 having not faught more than half the boss 100 in that season. If i can still top 50 everyweek jus taking all xp that doesn't cost. I'll take the 2months of disadvantage as player skill training. Looking at a boss list where the level 80s are in the same positions they normally are. Like what I was hoping to see is the first level 80 have a 75percent defense record. But watching a lvl 80 fight a 76replay doesn't tell me squat. Because the Lvl76 could b 4k rune power I've seen em. So far all 70plus were easier than lvl 70teams. I found 1 77team with 5.7rune power n lost to miss play mistake choice not 7levels the 7levels jus gave me a reason to focus more. If the lvl 77would of destroy my 80streak like elites killed my 60streak id have my answers. But I only seen the 77 AI is able to take more hits meaning have backup plans u might have 2double move to get rid of someone b4 could single. So far I plan to level on Mondays to whatever let's me fight these supposeded top players.  When I was 65 vsing 70 I enjoyed the challenge but when I get attacked 4times a season by same top100 player and I can't get him as an opponent all month unless I revenge him. I ain't happy so I hate knowing the richest players in the world can't troll me till I get my level up. Why they give u their money? I think they deserve it
  • If there wasn't a single one of u players who bought level 80 and wish u hadn't since u can't fight 70s now. I wouldn't post this. But I don't pay money and when I beat people who do I can brag. So when updates like this happen they should b able to brag back for awhile. People jus paid to beat lost jumper and u won't even let em at lost jumper till he ready to level up. If my dungeon had already been beat 20times by level 80s I would b half way 2 80from spending gems cause my gems go to raids if I need to level to win gems go to level but as is people jus paid for no advantage over me until I level up
  • I was at 7k gems saving for 9k shade shop team tokens. Meaning i thought shade was a must have PvP hero no matter the cost thankfully he went in tower before i did. But I have 14k gems is level 80 worth 14k gems? More or less? I kno it may cost more total but is it more worth no gems and jus a reward for doing same stuff meaning I kno 6star heroes are good. But they aren't good enough for me to spend gems on I can get em otherwise jus like I can get max level free or fast for resources. But as is I kno nothing other than in a world of PvP level 80 teams I go top 50. Not because my skill worth more than 10levels but because I can't fight the big spenders. I am supposed to be causing people to pay to beat me. So if they do that and then can't even fight me. I believe the game jus sold it most greedy players the opposite of what they wanted they wanted a weapon to own with instead they find themselves in a waiting room full of like minded killers.
  • BarleymanBarleyman Member
    The smart thing for those 80s to have done would have been to stop at 74. Then they'd have the advantage over level 70-73s, while not being open to attack by the insane 80s. Then when they hit 76 by natural progression they could fast level to 80.
  • I'm thinking 70 to 80 at once is the smartest move jus not in the beginning. That way u pay nothing jus hoard stanima for month and u tele to 80 and never have to fight 80s at 76.
  • Sorry but I can't exactly understand what you're talking about in some of your sentences? Can 80s not fight because there aren't many? I don't see any other reason why they couldn't fight.
  • kpung07kpung07 Member
    Holy wall of text Batman. What was the question again?
  • danacdanac Member
    kpung07 wrote: »
    Holy wall of text Batman. What was the question again?

    the answer is 42.
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