Tower since level cap increase, something has definitely changed.



  • You've seen it in PVP? I've only been seeing Shade teams- some not Barbs.

    You guys are so lucky sometimes... Not really, I just want to make myself feel better, and feel special
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
  • Emily/Agnon combos are the worst. If my agnon dies along with my corpse removers I can’t win.

    Floor 11 had Emily, agnon, Ferno, Lily. I was able to kill Ferno and lily before my team went down. Next 50 well-runed heroes fell to this combo.
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