Canuut and Balbo: the Goblin Daredevil Duo!

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Canuut and Balbo

Runes: WWNDL

Appearence: A water goblin (Canuut) with a beat-up aviator helmet holding a canonball, standing behind a cannon with another water goblin (Balbo) inside. Balbo has a white and blue crash helmet with chipped paint.
In-Game Desc: These two hardy canoneers are either the stupidest or bravest of their tribe.

0th evo

Artillary: critical hits from this hero do 25% more damage than normal, but they only take 50% healing (because a large amount of the hero is a machine)
Fearless: Immune to fear, and gains +5% attack every time fear would affect them

1st evo

Fearless II: +5% attack --> +10% attack
Dynamic Duo: 15% chance to add an extra basic attack.
Thick-Headed Canuub and Balbo have an extra 15% chance to resist debuffs. Every time they get aflicted with a debuff they get a +5% chance to resist debuffs, stacking up to 95%.

2nd evo
Fearless III +10% attack --> +15% attack
Dynamic Duo II 15% chance --> 25% chance


Cannonball Basic ranged phsical bludgeoing attack.
Cooldown: N/A

Double Shot Canuut and Balbo both blindly launch themselves at two different enemies, dealing splash damage to all other enemies with a 100% chance to daze the enemies targeted.
Cooldown: 6

Balbo Shot Balbo launches himself at an enemy, dealing damage and having a 50% chance to daze.
Cooldown: 3

Ball Barage Canuut shoots a barage of cannonballs at the enemies, dealing damage and having a 10% chance to daze.
Cooldown: 4

"them" applies to Canuut and Balbo as one single hero, as opposed to "he" or "she". Even though the hero Canuut and Balbo has two entities, they are treated as a single hero, which they would be mechanicly in-game.
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