Tower bugs

Having a litany of tower bugs that are infuriating. Newest one, just today, a korros, Lilly, goretusk, zomm team. I'm what was going on originally, but the korros seemed to be bugged out of his mind. He took down EVERY top hero I had, all 4 or 3 at once each run, depending the attack, reguardless of health, defence, or element, even including over 9k "best atk/Ser stat" water element defenced IGOROK. Round after round of every team being wiped, then put in my weakest and weakest runed heroes because its all I have left... And he leaves then with half or more health... Then finally managing to kill GT and Zom... Then die, come back to only 2 heroes... Korros wrecks again, come back.... And all 4 heroes are back/revived somehow.

This is ridiculous the ammount of points and gems I'm losing from **** like this, Solaris reviving teams when hes already dead and removed from previous rounds, and glitches or bugs that make enemy team impossible to beat. Seriously, how hard is it to make the game run how its meant to so autistic players dont want to beat their head in every time a bug ruins what were able to do?


  • kolobotkolobot Member
    Developers ruined tower challenge. Now its pay-to-win game. Cuz farming crystals now impossible for free players.
    Example: 1st Floor Barbarian team 56lvl vs My 67lvl Undead Team with Champion Runes (Shade\Zomm\Solaris\Furnace). Drakk with one skill just smashed my team into the floor O_o WTF???? With 2.5k - 3.5k damage to each of my heroes )))))
    Already 6 days i cant get higher 6th floor. 10lvl difference???? Didn't hear. Enemies like 30k+ power teams in pvp dungeon. Agnon with one storm skill just make dust from your heroes.
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