Balog came back from the dead.

In the Tower, facing a team of Abigail, Balog, Drakk, and Agnon, I managed to kill Balog before getting defeated. Great!

I faced the remaining three, and had Abigail down to almost no health before getting defeated. Great!

Then Jesus I mean Balog rose from the dead. Now I have to battle all four team members again. I’m not facing any enemies that can resurrect, and this is most decidedly Not Great.

I understand that you want to put challenge in the Tower. However, if the opposing teams dead heroes can come back, it is unreasonable. My heroes don’t come back without Solaris, Lord Zomm or Emily.

Please fix this bug, because it profoundly sucks. Thanks.


  • McLovin45McLovin45 Member
    Oops. I probably should have posted this under Bugs & Technical glitches. Seems there is already a thread dating back to April 12, about 7 weeks ago. Must be one hell of a gremlin.
  • How in all of the holy hell,did balog revive himself without emily or solaris.
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