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Hey all, need some help with PVE rune setup.my best runes are on my pvp heros and my setup is simple,just have planning runes on most heroes with anywhere from 6-10% damage reduction on each rune for all heros.im running a monster team, igorak/phenol toxian/phemus/little red fire monster guy(spews lava AOE).

I do okay with that. but what runes should I make for PVE? and no,goblin team isint an answer.i could technically do dwarf team,but I only have therand and blacksmoke maxed,thats it.valkin is only 3 stars and rogar is 4. and no,i don't have solaris.

thanks for any input.i also cant seem to be able to beat any of the dungeons that give out the epics for characters either,no matter what..


  • echonapechonap Member
    First of all, planning runes are not that great anymore. Since the combat revamp, DR does not stack the same. So while you think you're getting 80 or 90% DR because you are mathematically adding it in your head, you are really getting much less because they are applied multiplicatively now.

    Secondly, without listing a team or a specific hero you want to rune, it is difficult to give specific advice.

    Generally speaking, you should use red and green spots for attack, blue and yellow spots for defense. Dark can go either way, depending on if you want a character hitting harder or being tankier. For most characters, you only want attack and defense stats on their runes if you can help it. Everything else is sub optimal. There is no right or wrong between how much attack vs how much defense, just preference and strategy.
  • thank you for your input. mind explaining multiplicatively to me? im thinking if each rune has for example 5% dr in pvp only,that means to me 5 runes with 5% DR = 25% DR in pvp.
  • echonapechonap Member
    From another thread that I explained DR:

    Think about if you went to a store that had a 75% off sale (existing DR), and you had a coupon for 15% off (your rune). You are buying an item that is worth $100. If the discounts applied additively, it would be 90% off and you would pay $10. If they stacked multiplicatively, the $100 item would be on sale for $25. Then your 15% off coupon would be applied to the $25 item for a total cost of $21.25, resulting in an actual discount of 78.75%.

  • oh,so if 1000 damage is done to me,it takes 5% off the 1000 (950), and if I had 5 runes with 5% off, it would follow 5% off 950,etc.thank you.makes sense that raw attack/damage is better then,because skill is useless.
  • echonapechonap Member
    Yes, that is how the 4th stats on planning runes are applied. The exception is base DR, which is the amount visible on your hero card. That is added. All other DR is multiplied.

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