The Tower of Pwnage Needs to Change

I remember when I used to be able to EASILY auto run the tower. This was nice as I saved myself 20-30 min a day. But I understand that this is a little too op for me as I need to put almost no effort in to get 275 gems a day. The tower needs a buff, so runes get added. This makes things harder, but if I play it right and spend 30-40 min a day I can get my daily 275 (necessary) gems. Then the barbs come in. Everything goes to hell.

Now, as a level 69 with superior runes on my main team, cannot ever finish the tower or come close. Floor 6 gives you 50 gems, floor 9 gets you up to a total 125 gems, and and floor 12 gets you to the full 275 gems. On average, I get less than 100 gems a day. That means I am getting roughly 1/3 of the gems I used to get from the tower, halting my rune crafting progress (which is extremely expensive in terms of gems) nearly completely. The 6 star, level 70+, decked out Barbarians before the first round ends completely decimate my 20k health, 10k defense, and 8k attack zomm, only after one shotting my powerful shade, agnon, and lily. Why is this fair?

The Barbarian teams along with the solaris grog lily teams make the tower nearly unbeatable. I have members in my guild with level 80 completely runed out heroes who on the 4th floor have lost 37 heroes... What the hell is this? Something needs to change badly, but I have a feeling nothing will change. "I can't get gems from the tower... oh well I'll just buy some!" This isn't right. I am VIP 6 so I have spent 200 dollars over the course of playing the game, so I am not at all opposed to giving the developers cash. But taking away nearly the only source of gems in the game (besides legend 1 pvp which I am in) totally discourages me to work hard in the game. I really hope something is done about this, what do you guys think? Think they'll ever change it?
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