Apparently, its not just the tower that's changed with the level cap increase...

- Gave up on tower for now after level cap - something changed to make it much harder and take much longer when I -can- finish it.

- Tried new Boss dungeons, can't seem to figure out magic formula for those dungeons that seriously limit what heroes you can use, and can't progress past that.

- Pvp against teams 3 levels higher with, elite? runes? They seem invincible.

Apparently, the only way to proceed would be to purchase all elite runes, and quickloot my way to 80..which will take me awhile (months)?

I'm assuming at 80 with all elites this is doable. I may lose interest in DB long before I get there, and by the time I do, things will likely have changed again.

This is supposed to be .... fun? Just spent an hour in pvp trying to reach Warlord I again and after several refreshes finally found a tolerable team to make the last leap to Warlord I and BAM, knocked out to the home screen.

Kind of a buzzkill.]

Thank you for allowing me to vent. I'll get over it.


  • The culprit: 100% stat boost for 6 stars.

    The result is a ~22% stat increase. This might not seem like an issue because all players get the boost. However, even slight stat differences become magnified with runes. Much harder to beat those Elite teams now, whether in PVP or tower.
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