Tower alex , Emily problem

Firstly I don't have a vid regarding this.
This is what happened , as you all know recently it's been difficult to complete tower , with multiple different variations of barb teams to kill. Then somehow I reached floor 11 and I faced this team ( Gt, Emily , agnon, alex)
problems I faced ,
1. My main 3 teams of lvl 70 heroes with all max superior runes mostly 3 bulwark , 2 attack on average , were doing like 200-300dmg only , while tower hero's were doing between 3k+ to one shot kill my heroes , even with basic attacks by the looks of it
2. On top of that alex initial 3 turn shield seemed to continue.for more.than 5 turns , maybe even more but my team died ( zomm was only hero surviving , would call it lucky opponents were attacking zominions only so I lasted 5 rounds ) my zomm basically died with its own deflected dmg and alex electric shock from zominions when they were attacked with dmg about 2-3k .
This particular team cleaned my roster n made me unable to complete to tower.
So how I am supposed to get past this team , next time I face them.
And how is a player with superior runes only facing a full max elite runed team


  • Fredios2Fredios2 Member
    At least with barbs , u can send bait heroes , to finish up barbs Op first skill , and then freeze , wildfire burn n kill them. But with above team , each time ,u enter alex shield is on( basically you auto kill ur self slowly if opponent heroes don't , Emily seems to get her epic activated very often , agnons every skill is a killer.
  • RocksorRocksor Member
    What teams were you using?
  • echonapechonap Member
    There's no easy answer. You need to bring a corpse destroyer (Hopper, Zomm, or Leo) and focus on one hero first. Once you burn a corpse, send in your A team and hope that the tower rez bug doesn't bite you.
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