Dead Enemies Frequently Reviving

We continue to see enemies magically reviving after being dead for 1 or more rounds in the tower. These enemies aren't being resurrected by a living enemy. Often, these enemies have even been consumed by a hero like Hopper or Zomm.
This bug feels particularly acute now that we are going through 2-4 teams of heroes just to take down a single barbarian floor. This is a serious bug. I don't understand how it has not been addressed.


  • Maybe emily and solaris are hiding and secretly reviving heroes
  • Yes, another fun element I’ve been experiencing 😟
  • JebersJebers Member
    Same, many times. Done playing until this gets resolved.
  • WasiWasi Member
    edited June 9
    Agree - have had this issue before.

    As I have mentioned, I don’t know why @Joel and the devs don’t start an issue register so we all have visibility of acknowledged bugs in the feedback section. This will save the same posts being created over and over...
    The Potato Army
  • Visibility would create responsibility, bugs are easier to hide and ignore when the posts are scattered and lost in the Forum.
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