What runes do you keep?

Especially players 70+ - what runes do you keep?

Do you routinely salvage any rune less than heroic, no matter what its called and what its abilities are?


  • MonkeyHunterMonkeyHunter Member
    edited June 2018
    At this point I salvage superiors less than 4-star heroic with no 4th stat and most greaters less than 5-star legendary. Depends on the 4th stat.

    I don’t Rune my whole squad so I have quite a few spare 5-star Legendaries.
  • If a rune has a 4th stat it's certainly worth a second look before you scrap it. My longer tern plan is to have Legendary Heroic on everyone, whether Greater, Superior or Elite, preferably 5 stars but 4 stars can still be pretty good.

    Anything less than that is not going to cut it for PvP heroes, but can still be potentially useful for PvE and possibly the Tower.

    It's all stepping stones, and any rune is better than no rune.
  • I start with anything less the greater. If I have all greater I start with the lowest star count and keep working up.
  • I don’t really care about total roster power, so I junk anything less than legendary superior. Those greaters all just clog up my inven and make it feel cluttered, and I would never need/use them on any viable heroes anyway.
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