Do community hero ideas have any chance at being added to the game?

I was just wondering if people are wasting there time when they start a disscussion about a hero idea or if there's actually a chance that the idea might be considerd or even added to the game


  • MonkeyHunterMonkeyHunter Member
    edited June 9
    I wouldn’t call it a waste of time, but no. It’s an intellectual rights issue. If they reviewed community creations and created their own hero that appeared similar, they could open themselves up to a lawsuit.

    However, DB could run a forum event where all submissions would become property of DB. Then, maybe, a community hero would be possible.
  • NobodyPiNobodyPi Member
    Yeah, it would be cool if, on a section of the forums, hero ideas and hero rework ideas would become property of DB. In order to post there, users would have to agree to a terms and agreements list.
  • DwogDwog Member
    If it's an issue of intellectual property DB could always ask for the rights ahead of adding it to the game, and i doubt that someone that went through effort to come up with the idea would refuse DB the rights, if it was me i would just be delighted to have my hero added to the game. Also i think it would be cool for DB to have a competition a bit like fortnite's #boogiedown for the next hero i think this would make the community feel a lot more included also i think the end result (the hero) would be better because no matter how good the development team is the community is thousand's of times larger and therefore have a ,much larger potential for good ideas. Also i ththe community would be much more lilkley to like the new hero if they created it
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