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You think Shade was scary? Pontifex Returned is here!

Undead Fervor
Increases ATK + DEF by 50% (increases with SKL) for undead allies and Pontifex gains the same bonus for each dead ally (bonus stays even if allies are revived, stackable up to 5x)

New Trait: Shroud of the Dead
Pontifex cannot be attacked or debuffed for the first round

Soul Eater
Destroys the corpse on a killing blow and fully heals Pontifex

Chaos Storm: Now has a chance to apply random debuff between soul burn, poison, disease, def down)

Pontifex returns as a skeleton with bone armor and new charged abilities

Pontifex Returned
Basic attack: Soul Burn
Unhealable fire and lightning damage to target with chance to inflict soul burn (like regular burn but purple color)

1st ability: Coffin of life
Revive ally as skeleton minion that will revive with full energy in 3 turns. Works the same way as Zomm's minions.

2nd ability: Soul Steal
Steals all debuffs, deals damage and heals Pontifex

EPIC: Searing Skull of Death
1% chance (.2 per level) to completely drain all life from target and revive them as a minion that will attack its allies, then the minion's body is buried.
+ to atk, def, hp


  • what if ponty would prevent enemy from resurection or if emily or solaris try to res, enemy res as ponty's minion and atc whole team, then corpse dissapear.
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    DevilJhons wrote: »
    what if ponty would prevent enemy from resurection or if emily or solaris try to res, enemy res as ponty's minion and atc whole team, then corpse dissapear.

    There definitely should be a hero that blocks revives and resurrections. We really only have Hopper, Zomm, Ignus and Leo. Pontifex could be unique that he blocks the enemy from using Leo, Solaris or Emily from reviving the hero but you could still use your Shade to possess, that would be neat. His ability that allows the dead to attack is pretty cool but not that useful. He's a legendary but not the best legendary and no epic either. Still better than aria xD

    Maybe his returned abilities could be changed? Flesh and blood form could make the dead attack including dead enemies and returned form could revive them as skeletons that jump in front of pontifex returned and protect him from single attacks like OE

    OR what even as log as there is a corpse, pontifex returned would die and take over the corpse, then if not killed again comes back after 3 turns to flesh and blood form, kind of like how Leo does. Pontifex should be everlasting and thwart death like he's supposed to. Right now he's too easy to kill and his returned form is kind of useless. He's just waiting for death at that point.
  • Pontifex should be more unique, the shroud and coffin abilities are too reminiscent of most of the junk that gets flung around in pvp (shade and zomm). I don't think Pontifex will catch an update until his Epic release, which will probably be awhile (but hopefully worth the wait). Also, IGOROK is starting to slack as a legendary too, am-i-rite? His monster passives are kinda poo, only decent against Hansuke, really.
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