Fix the tower now please (with as to why and not merely just an ask to do so)

Something needs to be done about the tower, like really soon as this is just getting absurd, I understand it’s based off pvp teams and it’s completely understandable to have the tower not be a breeze, you shouldn’t be able to fly through it unscathed every day, it pays out a lot of decent rewards so it should be challenging.
The design of these new heroes coming out at a snails pace making 1-3 heroes always unbelievably stronger than 74-78 other heroes and 7-11 floors filled with those 1-3 absurdly stronger than all other heroes makes the tower not fun but frustrating, not a challenge but an annoyance. You have to have a niche team to beat these teams once in pvp and in the tower since you can’t reuse your heroes a lot of times you’re just sitting there at a team 10 levels lower than you destroying 90-100% of your toon inventory at like level 4... so then you get no rewards.

I implore you to do SOMETHING about this, there’s tons of small bugs you could (will be) fix(ing) like the barb death shield I hear, which always regens making some floors actually virtually impossible, or the situation I just dealt with being killin shade on a shade/abi/balog/drakk team and even having to go 13 rounds every time I started even though shade was dead balog started the level with shroud which was just a so much fun to deal with.

Either increase the death cap on toons to like 3 and then they’re done, or change it so every team starts with full energy on our side to at least give us a chance to get further.
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