Pontifex Returned (rework idea)

You think Shade was scary? Pontifex Returned is here!

Undead Fervor
Increases ATK + DEF by 50% (increases with SKL) for undead allies and Pontifex gains the same bonus for each dead ally (bonus stays even if allies are revived, stackable up to 5x)

New Trait: Shroud of the Dead
Pontifex cannot be attacked or debuffed for the first round

Soul Eater
Destroys the corpse on a killing blow and fully heals Pontifex

Chaos Storm: Now has a chance to apply random debuff between soul burn, poison, disease, def down)

Pontifex returns as a skeleton with bone armor and new charged abilities

Pontifex Returned
Basic attack: Soul Burn
Unhealable fire and lightning damage to target with chance to inflict soul burn (like regular burn but purple color)

1st ability: Coffin of life
Revive ally as skeleton minion that will revive with full energy in 3 turns. Works the same way as Zomm's minions.

2nd ability: Soul Steal
Steals all debuffs, deals damage and heals Pontifex

EPIC: Searing Skull of Death
1% chance (.2 per level) to completely drain all life from target and revive them as a minion that will attack its allies, then the minion's body is buried.
+ to ATK, DEF, HP
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