Unbeatable Updates

Okay, so lately there has been many issues in the game. For many years I have never complained, but these last 6 months the problems have just piled up. But I'll stick to the topic of you making unbeatable updated heroes for now. First it was the barbarians update, making them impossible to beat. Now you have made the update of the assassins, and now it's absolutely no chance of beating them. I mean, it's nice to get updates of characters, but to make them absolutely unbeatable is not the way to go. Make adjustments and make it more balanced, not that some characters are so incredibly powerful as a team that no one can beat them. Since the barbarians and now the assassin update, I and most of my friends who play have not a single time got through the whole tower of pwnage. My heroes are extremely powerful, and still it always comes that ONE floor that is either full of barbarians or full of assassin and then it's game over. It's so frustrating, annoying and aggravating that I just claim reward at that point and screw the whole thing. It's not fun anymore. You need to make the updates more balanced, not just out of nowhere suddenly peak their abailites to the roof so they annihilate everything in one second. That's not how you update characters to suddenly make them unbeatable. It has to be more gradual so that people are able to keep up with the updates. You can't go 0 to 60 all of a sudden. It needs to be more gradual. That's all for now. I will report some other issues soon. I had already reported them via mail to you, but I will do it here soon as well that has more to do with the gameplay issues.


  • You Mad.... Bruh?
  • 😁
  • I'll gladly take an assassin meta over barbs.
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  • All you need is a well-runed Hansuke and they're gone.
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  • I haven’t come across an assassin team in PvP or the tower yet. Just barbs and Emily/Agnon teams.

    Considering the current difficulty of the tower, it may be entirely ameliorated by removing star stat bonus to defensive teams. It wouldn’t make the tower a cakewalk, but possibly beatable.
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