Runes for Bauble?

Err... hi. I'm currently new to this kind of forum and i want to ask about runes for Bauble. My current rune set is :
2 Improved Bulwark hoarded from quick loots(Yellow), 1 Greater Focus(Red), 1 Greater Life(Green), and 1 Improved Focus(Blue).
My focus in this game is primarily PvE... and some PvP just for completing daily quests. I need some of your tips about how to use Bauble properly, its rune setup and uh... tell me if this rune setup is already good or not. I'm planning to do semi-durable Bauble while being able to heal decently. Thanks.


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    Sorry for the late reply. Rune forum doesn’t see nearly as much activity as general and event forums anymore.

    Bauble used to be one of the most used heroes around because of his ability to heal furnace in pvp and his ability to get to 100% damage reduction. Since the combat revamp, damage reduction isn’t nearly as useful, and furnace pvp has died out, so I don’t think anyone has put much effort into finding optimal rune builds for Bauble.

    That said, if your primary use is for PvE, you can make some safe assumptions.

    1-Bauble isn’t there to do damage, so power, destruction, precision runes are generally out.

    2-Defense is generally more useful than health, especially for healers. For yellow and blue slots, I would want bulwark runes that have def/def/hp stat combo.

    3-Since red runes don’t get you defense as a primary stat, I would go with a red focus rune that has skill/skill/health stat combo.

    4-Green is the most interesting slot, and probably has several options that work. You can go with a hp/hp/def life rune, a DR/DR/Def aegis rune, or even use it to add a bit of attack so he can assist when no healing is needed. There have been some attack/attack/skill type pvp and event reward runes that would work for that. Or att/att/def as well. Your choice.

    Whatever you do, use reward runes and/or save up a few gems and craft those runes so you get the correct stat combos and guaranteed 4th stats on them. Runes obtained via looting are much lower quality and won’t get you nearly as far. They are made just to be salvaged for materials.
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