Another Tower Post...

Monday I picked up the 'Tank Rune' from this past tank event...the one with +def boost and taunt to start dungeons (*cue sarcasm voice* another great idea by the DB team...but I digress).

After seeing it appear on multiple floors yesterday, I decided to do an active count of how many floors this little guy popped up on in today's tower.

8 of 11...

It appeared on 8 of 11 floors...

Of those 8 of 11 floors, it appeared on Balog or Drakk 7 times.

The 8th, it appeared on Bauble...but don't worry, he was paired up with the Barbs.

Once again, I would like to congratulate the devs and the DB team on another great accomplishment!!

Keep up the good work killing it guys!! The game that is...


  • I fully support removing 4th rune stat from defending teams in the tower.
  • I'm level 65 and i've never once faced that rune in pvp or the tower. I use it for both though (sorry lol)
    There was once a savage goblin by the name of Squinch
    When he delves into dungeons he makes his enemies flinch
    Shredding wolfs, beasts, and sumo's alike
    It would be foolish to call this hero a little tyke
  • Rolla8Rolla8 Member
    @Joel We all know that the tower defense teams are based off of pvp. But what are the defense's runes based off of?

    Are they based off of your own rune inventory? This might explain why highly developed accounts are having such a difficult time with the tower currently.

    As I mentioned before, I picked up the 'Tank' rune on Monday, and it was immediately in the tower on Tuesday. (The rune wasn't released on Monday, it was released last week at the start of the Tank Event)
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