Ideas to make the game better.

I'm making this post to address how many players are leaving this game. How player retention in guilds is abysmal, and how recruiting for guilds are at a all time low.
We have been seeing long time guilds folding, top guilds forced to merge to stay competitive.
And just a overall feel of unease and dissatisfaction with the game as a whole.
I feel it's a issue of lack of motivation. There are several bugs, events have been fairly boring also. It's more than that though. It's just lack of incentive, why PvP? Why go hard in events? Why build my roster?
For me, and from the feedback I get it's a issue of rewards.
Nothing is rare in DB, hardcore gamers want something rare. Either being a rune, a hero, or a exclusive title. We have none of that. There is almost no reason to join a guild. The guilds drive this game, they are losing players and new players have no incentive to seek them out.
I strongly feel they need to increase rewards and offer exclusive hero tokens to guilds, to PvP and to PvE.
Something rare that players need to work to get.
Give them incentive to want to play.
Make 4 heros that are powerful but the only way to get them is through time and hard work.
Hero A- only available through weekly guild rewards, takes a long time to star. Months to 6* and guilds that finish at the top threshold get a fundamentally higher amount.
Hero B- only through PvP, available in the honor shop but players in the boss 100 recieve a fundamentally higher amount.
Hero C- guild games only.
Hero D- through tower and PvE boards, give a reason to finish the tower and complete all the boards.
I want to keep this thread going as I have other ideas to keep players happy and also have higher player retention. I also want to hear from the community about this.
I see so many players peaking early, getting burned out or bored, then just quit and leave.
Lets try to solve the issue before the game dies.
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  • meh, i dont see any way to gain profit from this, no thx,
    better we do make month subscripe, if you dont buy it, you cant up heroes stars, ascend them, lvl up, do pvp, pve, gather tokens, also tower is closed, but chat would be free, enjoy, your db team.
    Next update would be focuded on god, vip, slave subscripe types, if you dont buy god sub, you will get only lvl 100 barbs in tower as opponents and you cant use runes, also we are on the way to gain as much money from those stupid top 100, thinking to get 10 bucks per login and 15 per exit, or progress wouldn't be saved, they are too adicted to this game, so they will pay, and your ideas, just meh... but still thx for reply, we would think(laugh) about them in our large yacht office, during lunch.
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