I'm so stupid

One time when i was doing my daily raids i spotted a non beast team but the only person FA was jabber. I immediately thought"this is gonna be easy" but i was surely mistaken. When i came face to face with them it was your regular PvP battle except everyone attacked shade and he eventually died. I ended up killing leo and grog but jabber and solaris was left and i knew that solaris could use fire&flames to revive everyone and end me. So i came up with a fool proof plan😈, since my team was made up of pontifex,lily,SB,and obviously shade, I attacked solaris because she was spirit immune. The trick was for jabber to survive and when solaris used fire&flames she would use the attack version and sacrifice herself leaving my heroes ready to destroy jabber. The only problem is SHE TOOK SO FRICKEN LONG TO DO IT. So i waa constantly attacking solaris and only SB could actually damage her,But on my 6th turn i realized why solaris didn't use fire&flames. She didn't use it because I FORGOT SHE WASN'T FA. I FELT LIKE A HUGE IDIOT. So i just killed used doom bolt on solaris since she isn't lightning immune and killed jabber. That was one of the most stupidest things I've ever done in dungeon boss like that time i didn't use chaos storm for some reason on this really easy team,but that is another story.....
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