nature team ideas!(feedback welcome)!

hey guys,this is a little thread about nature focused pvp defense. just open to fun ideas because im tired of meta teams.and no,dont mention talking about fun,non meta nature teams.heres my two main ideas:
chef nub nub
^why? bovus will have 50% crit ,plus double the boost from nub nub assuming he's well runed.

2nd idea:
jabber clenchjaw
^why? Julius starts the dungeon taunting,jabber recovers 50% of all damage done ,has good survivability.

third idea:
chef nubnub
^this is mainly a defensive setup.rocky adds dodge,julius adds 15% def as well as def boost from his first ability and possibly freezes some enemy team members, bovus slows and heals each turn, bovus also gets his health boosted 25% by Julius passive, and iof chef nub nub lives he's going to boost Julius's defense as well as bovus's defense by like 150%. so if I can get bovus's defense to 5k,he'd realistically have like 13k defense if nub nub can live past the first round.


  • I’ve always used rocky lily ferno viperia
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  • Ududu2Ududu2 Member
    Currently using a partial? Meta team of GT lily Rocky and hansuke and loving it, GT keeps everyone alive turn one Rocky gets everyone's abilities out quicker and makes agnon and shade semi useless with dodge, lily really is only there to trick everyone into attacking her first while hansuke is the true threat, it works most of the time if they bring all dark teams
  • In general, don’t use nubnub in pvp. He’s terrible. Healers in general are terrible in pvp. Solaris works because she rezes everyone, and Emily works because she cleanses everyone (and rezes an individual). They aren’t there for their healing ability.
  • Solaris isn't nature! Rocky viperia hansuke drakk. Be a nice beat am up non traditional team
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