Deadeye - Repeatable Quest

How do you go about efficiently completing the “Crafty” repeatable for the 10k tickets?

It is a big waste of resources and super hard to complete as a low level/beginner player that doesn’t have weeks of hoarded material. Is it possible to consider changing this quest to something that can be done by more casual players? Please consider this for future events. Thank you!


  • There are several ways to go about it. You can mix and match depending on the resources you have or can easily farm.

    -evos count. Crafting an evo takes 10,000 gold. So, doing the entire quest line and crafting 100 of them would only be 1 million gold. That’s very doable for all but the lowest level players.

    -craft low level materials. Jewels, essences, etched bars, whatever. Mats needed for these items are available in campaign maps that can be farmed even at low levels. Plus, most of the items you craft you can then use on runes and epics, so it isn’t a total waste.

    -Shards and binders. Upgrade all those lesser and improved shards and binders into the next tier up. Most players have tons of extra of these, just from salvaging so many runes in day to day play. The improved version only takes 2,500 gold to craft along with 10 lesser shards, so this is fairly cheap.
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