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I’m a relatively new player and found out that the tips in game are heavily outdated. I.e. Astrid and Aria aren’t meta and not in the top 5 pvp defenders or attackers respectively. I actually spent 2700 to guarantee an unlock on Aria when I first started playing thanks to this “tip”!

There is no “reroll” system anymore either, it got changed to tuning.

Is this a disregard of the community and players or just sheer laziness from the DB team? I’m sure I’m not the first to bring up this issue.

Correct me if I’m wrong about any of these points, thank you.


  • JuiceJuice Member
    Just so everyone knows, the rune system was changed over a year ago from “rerolling” to tuning... Yet that still hasn’t been updated
  • The tool tips have been updated ONE time in the 3-year history of this game. The game is riddled with bugs, new ones popping up all the time and old ones that have been around for upwards of a year.

    DB’s staff is small and the player base is the QA testers. Their top priority currently is reworking heroes/synergies, establishing classes and families for all heroes, preparing events and developing new heroes.

    I don’t foresee tool tips being reworked any time soon.
  • JuiceJuice Member
    How hard can it be to update a tooltip? They are extremely misleading for new players. If they cared for the player base enough then they would update it.

    I get that their top priority is heroes/synergies but Deadeye’s “Bring it down!” doesn’t even synergize with his family. They are trolling on some next level.
  • How hard is hero sorting? Or even a consistent hero order? Seems like a trivial problem that’s been “impossible” to fix for 3 years.

    It took them 3+ months to fix a rare celestial that gave out 5 instead of 10 Evo essences when squashed.

    I can’t make excuses for them because I don’t understand either.
  • Aren't the tip screens static? Like a JPG or GIFF? How hard can it be to come up with new art for some other hero. Just don't put some statement on it that is going to be totally wrong in 2 months. I like the little joke about the last great pizza place and nub nub stealing her lunch. The rest are meh.
  • Deadeye wasn’t designed to be specifically for the Honorbound - that includes Bring it Down as well.

    And as for the tips… It’s a text string.
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  • I agree with @morilli. There is very little mention of runes, the most powerful items in the game, and PvP advice is downright dreadful. It would be great @Joel if you could fix this.
    And if so, a response would be nice. I know you don't like repeating yourself 'till it becomes white noise, but just this one time pleease?
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  • Ok. So the cut scenes aren't static. Or at least not totally. It appears to be some kind of combination of static and random overlays. Again that shouldn't be too difficult to update.
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