Tower question: Balog death and floor reentry - is this WAI?

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I enter tower with strong bait team against emily/barb opponents. My bait team manages to kill Balog (yay!) then dies an honorable sacrificial death.

I bring in my A-team and my shade immediately possesses the dead Balog and runs for a few rounds till balog dies and returns to being Shade.

I have problems, so I retreat. I come back in, and the dead Balog is back, and is immediately resurrected by Emily.

When I retreated and came back in, the dead balog body was restored even though it had been possessed in a previous round.

Is this working as intended? Of course, its not likely I will be able to kill him again, or at least not easily.

EDIT: I came back in later with my Shade/Zomm team (same team as before) and Balog wasn't there but I couldn't defeat the Emily/Abi/Grog(taunting - tank rune) with this team because I couldn't trarget emily and each time I killed Grog Emily rezzed him - so I retreated and brought in a Solaris team to try to take them out, only now Balog is back again and is raised.

I'm confused! Only one more +3 level barb team after this and I -might- be able to finish the tower, but I can't get past this floor so far.

I think its just that my greater/superior runes are no longer a match for these over-level teams and my abilities like eat-brains stand no chance with those above level teams.

And my progress to improve my runes is greatly impeded by not being able to finish the tower. Catch-22.


  • (finished that floor after epic battle)
    (finished next floor +3 above level barb team)
    (finished tower first time since cap raised.)
    (Took 60-90 minutes, got lucky and did not
    get any super-runed "invulnerable" enemies
    anywhere else.)
    (had about 6 bounceouts. Took 60-90 minutes.)
    (That was more than 300 gems work ;)
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