Separated at Birth

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Due to the total lack of sensible hero sorting and the way the heroes change places depending on what part of the game you're in, plus the hero portraits all facing the same 3/4 to the right, I've occasionally selected the wrong hero and lost the occasional PvP battle as a result.

Due also partially to red-green color blindness I've mistaken:

Solaris and Krexx

Cobressa and Viperia

Emily and Black Diamond

Icebloom and Yasmin

Any other heroes you think might be twins but were separated at birth?


  • Executum and Augustus.
    Photo courtesy of Jackhallow666.

    Favorite heroes: Overlord Executum, Hansuke Undying, and Augustus.
  • Solaris and Krexx?? One's a bird the other a Lizard....

    Shadow Blade and MK

    All the Dwarves
    Don’t you wish it was easier, wish you were better.
  • danacdanac Member
    I used to get Zurk and Nub mixed up all the time.
    The skins fixed it.
    Oh, and also I don't use Zurk and Nub any more.

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    I have a triplet issue, Kreel, Takumi and Yorrick.

    Tak/Yor in their skins
  • graddersgradders Member
    Choosing BD when you meant Emily I've done many times, ruining PvP runs and making the tower so much harder... I now have Emily at 72 and BD stays at 70 so that Emily is higher up the list. Really helps! It's my main reason to only upgrade key heroes - it creates some sort of order.
  • LafooteLafoote Member
    Since the Barbarian update I've grabbed Astrid instead of Abigial at least twice.
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