Goretusk or Jabber?

Finally got Solaris for my beast team and had one extra spot for another hero. I like Jabber because his abilities seem pretty good and his epic seems amazing. I’ve never really looked at goretusk but many people use him. Who do you think I should use, and if you choose goretusk, can you tell me how I’ll be using/ runing him?


  • Depends on what you’re trying to use them for. For most PvE, jabber is the way to go. His epic clears rooms quickly, so auto farm maps with beasts can be a solid time saver. For PvP, both get used, but goretusk is far more common. GT fits with non-beasts teams just as well as with beast teams, so gives you more flexibility. Historically I was never as much a fan of GT as a lot of people and often view him more as just a match-prolonging waste instead of a real threat, but that’s changed somewhat with barbarians becoming popular. GT+Emily are a great base for barbarian counter teams. GT+Ferno are a great base for a whole bunch of counters as well. He will really help your team stay alive long enough to counter the opponent-goes-first disadvantage.

    Rune wise, jabber should be almost all attack runes. GT you have two options. Most people go pure defensive on him. Make sure to include survivor and guardian runes if you have access to them. He also excels with a freezing skin rune on, since he starts with taunt. Other option is to go heavy attack on him. Theory there is that his innate DR will keep him alive at first, and then once he has a good amount of momentum built up, his damage becomes very solid. I’ve personally played both ways with him, and seen pros and cons to each approach. For very top end pvp, defensive is gonna be the way to go. For more casual, fun pvp, I enjoyed offensive.
  • hatredhatred Member
    Recommend GT, with grog your team should have enough damage. GT is your tank, rune him as such.
  • hadouryuhadouryu Member
    everyone gonna say gt dont bother asking
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