Good barbarian team for PvE and PvE?

I have all the barbarian heroes fully ascended and runes pretty well. I see a lot of people substituting Ignus for heroes like Hsad, Solaris, and Zomm. I started using Shade and he’s been doing pretty well, but is there a better hero that fits that spot? Shades Spirit link does not pair well with Balog’s taunts and provokes and there is no healer. I also use Shade for Balog to get a guaranteed silence on the enemies. Is there a better substitute for Shade on this team that would benefit for PvE and PvP?


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    This won’t be a satisfying answer, but there really isn’t a one size fits all answer to this. Yes, ignus is by far the weakest of the barbarians and worth switching out. But you’re going to have to customize that slot based on what you’re facing. Shade is useful when up against an opponent balog for example because he protects your own balog from getting silenced (plus can strip buffs with soul link and increase dark damage). But that isn’t always appropriate. Sometimes you may want extra DR from gore tusk. Sometimes you may want Emily for a rez and cleanse. I’ve occasionally enjoyed throwing MK in for his purge. Zomm, Solaris, koros, selwyn with a tank rune, hopper, furnace, Agnon...all very compatible with barbs depending on opponent teams.
  • I love using Emily personally. Best healer in the game IMO and super effective in PvP.
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    I love using Emily personally. Best healer in the game IMO and super effective in PvP.

    Is she worth switching out my strong shade for and is she good enough for PvP? Also is Solaris a better option? I’m intending to use Emily or Solaris for mostly PvP so which would be better overall?
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    Like anything in this game, it depends entirely on what you’re fighting. It’s impossible to say whether you should switch out shade for Emily. Against some teams, yes. Against other teams, no. Same for whether you should use Solaris. It’s all situational, there’s no one-size-fits-all.
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