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I wanted to make a quick announcement that a patch went out to limit the Boss 100 standings and rewards to level 70+ players. This was unintentional, should be addressed and fixed tomorrow morning and the current season will indeed end with the Boss 100 rewards available to level 65+ players. After the holiday you can expect that this change will take effect as intended and limit Boss 100 rewards to level 70+ players. I apologize for the confusion it may have caused.


  • Hi boss,

    Is there any way for me to know the final result of the last season (season of the serpent)? I was rank 78th around 4 hours before and end of the season and had 4k trophies more than the 100th placer and just couldn't imagine 22 people passing ne in just a span of 4 hours.
    I spent a lot of gems just to earn all my trophies and am really disappointed if this issue is why I didnt get ny reward.
  • danacdanac Member
    what's your ign?
    I can tell you if you made boss 100 for level 70+ board.
    If it's like a a boss, you didn't.

  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    To make the boss leaderboard, you must be a Boss, not LikeABoss.

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