Having trouble deciding which runes to buy with three gold keys...suggestions?

The title says it all. I already got both elite runes for the event and now I need to decide which three runes to get from calendar doors. For some reason, this decision is causing me more trouble than usual.

What do people recommend?
-damage reduction/penetration in pvp
-chance to lifesteal
-damage reduction/penetration with barbs
-health regeneration

My first thought was to get the superior barb runes since these characters are so important to the current meta and I have not seen these 4th stats appear outside of this event. However the meta can and does change quickly so I'm thinking that getting so many runes to deal with a single family does not makes sense.

Thanks for your help :)



  • BazzdiqqaBazzdiqqa Member
    I would go for the health regeneration since it is very useful in pvp and pvm + you can only get this 4th stat through events while the others can also be obtained with crafting runes/pvp.
  • PugsOfWarPugsOfWar Member
    @Bazzdiqqa - thanks for the suggestion. That is the reason I got a pair of health regeneration runes the last event they were offered. Given that I already have two of them, I am not sure it makes the most sense to get more. @MonkeyHunter and I had a forum exchange about it here http://forum.dungeonboss.com/discussion/59270/deadeyes-redemption-calendar-doors/p2

    What do people think? Thanks :)
  • I’ve decided to go for red DP and blue healer. Maybe I’ll pick up the yellow dr if 5,000 gems seems worth it.

    I realized I already had 1 healer rune on Lily, I’ll place the other on Zomm to replace his survivor. The barbarian dr and dp runes don’t seem worthwhile. The healer runes have limited use, and likely only need a small number of them. Can’t have enough 10% dp runes. I prefer guardian runes over yellow dr, but the combo is perfect on most light tanks. I’d skip vampiric.

    If you don’t need healer I’d go 2 dp and 1 dr.
  • PugsOfWarPugsOfWar Member
    Thanks @MonkeyHunter. I think that you made a good choice :)
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