Yasmin Bloom Upgrade Issue

Could you have a look at my Yasmin Bloom. It's telling me that for cure wounds I am able to upgrade it however it's telling me that it's maxed where it would show the coins cost. I tried to level her up to see if that would fix, the issue is still there.


  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    I think I had the same issue yesterday too.

    You should still be able to click the upgrade button (even tho it says maxed) and it will work. However, if like mine, it will say it is now 1 level higher than possible.

    Exit the hero selection tab after upgrading, go back in and it should be normal.
  • Tried what you said there and it seems to still be happening, now lvl 54 while cure wounds is lvl 52
  • They said something about abilities on some heroes being mixed around. Try to see if upgrading the higher tier one upgrades the low level one. Maybe level 54 is maxed but the upgrade button is for the 52.
  • That did the job, upgraded aegis bandage and that fixed it, so weird. Thanks very much
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