Quick question about the Green rune with Poison Skin in the shop

Obviously this means a chance (100%? 50%?) to add poison when attacked (only? - or can it add poison on a melee attack? I mean, that's a form of contact...) But does that include Agnon in his rock form?

Also, I don't ever use poison characters so does the damage this does would be related to the skill level of the person it's on?

Is it worth it?


  • Skin runes proc when attacked. Touch runes proc when attacking. This is a poison skin rune, so I assume that it can only proc when physically attacked.

    Poison damage scales with skill. It has since skill revamp, making it much less useful.

    The primary three stats are ideal, but the passive is bad. I won't buy it. If I am buying a rune for 7500 gems, it better have ideal stats and a good or unique passive.
  • @echonap Thanks for that. But will it activate every time it's hit? I often use Solaris teams in slows wins so a slow poison would work for me, but who to put it on... ? I'm pretty sure that whilst Agnon is in his solid form it won't work, meaning pretty useless.
  • If you are going to get it put it on your tank as he will taking the brunt of all single target attacks due to him taunting. If you don't have a tank then it is a crap shoot as to who will get hit. Got agree with @echonap here. Unless it is doing a whole **** ton of damage the poison is not going to be very useful. Constructs are immune to poison. I think poison counts as a debuff so characters that are immune to debuff won't be affected. Emily teams will just cleans the poison off of them. So I don't really see it as a good option.
  • I am pretty sure skin runes work while in granite form. I recall getting shocked while hitting the stone form before.

    The most obvious candidate for this rune is Furnace.
  • do skin runes work with ranged attackers? I forget
  • Kegman913 wrote: »
    do skin runes work with ranged attackers? I forget
    It only works with Melee attacks.
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