A couple questions about runes with skin passives

Based on other forum posts (including this one: http://forum.dungeonboss.com/discussion/59389/quick-question-about-the-green-rune-with-poison-skin-in-the-shop#latest), here is what I understand about skin passives on runes

-It is a good idea to put these on tanks who use taunt

-The amount of damage from the skin depends on the skill stat

Thinking about these details and looking at my roster brought up some questions:

1) Aside from taunting tanks are there other types of characters to use (or avoid using) these types of runes on?

2) What determines how frequently a hit will trigger the skin passive? Is there a maximum, say 50% of the time that a character is hit.

3) How does it work with a character that has multiple runes with skin passives (e.g., one rune with freezing skin and another rune with electric skin)? Does it increase the chance of some passive being triggered? Does one passive have priority over the other? Is this a bad idea...putting different different types of skin passives on the same character?


  • Nobody knows the exact frequency trigger. My feeling is its about 25% max, but I've not watched closely enough to verify.

    I've put poison skin, electric skin and freezing skin all on one taunter, and had them all proc, individually or at once. So yes, if you put more than one on, more than one can trigger, and the chance of at least one triggering is increased.

  • Thanks @Barleyman :)
  • I like to use electric and freezing on my GT, I find that electric is common- around 25 but freezing is very rare.
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