Zomm's Taste for Brains ability whilst autorunning

This is probably not technically a bug, but whenever I am autorunning a dungeon with Lord Zomm he will use his Taste for Brains ability and as long as there is a corpse he will attack the corpse instead of an alive enemy. Shouldn't Zomm be attacking an alive enemy to do damage and heal instead of just healing?
There was once a savage goblin by the name of Squinch
When he delves into dungeons he makes his enemies flinch
Shredding wolfs, beasts, and sumo's alike
It would be foolish to call this hero a little tyke


  • MaxBeamerMaxBeamer Member
    That’s just the price you pay for auto running. Another thing I don’t like about doing it is when an enemy has an evade buff active all my heroes will try to target that enemy except the one who has perfect swing. He will target someone else.
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    Or how about when Shade spirit-links and all your other heroes target that enemy instead of the other available enemies. :/
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