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Has anyone noticed how for the personal token collecting rewards, the top ten get an elite five star, and then below that, it goes to a FOUR star superior rune? Where is the 5 star superior rune?zcgbeq2fwz12.png

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  • danacdanac Member
    this has happened just about every event this year.
    no 5* superiors, only 4*.

    it's annoying and makes me not care to try.

  • BeedleBeedle Member
    That’s extremely annoying. Getting the top ten in the WORLD is extremely hard. I think it’s a bit ridiculous that only the top ten get a good rune, like really, just the top ten? I am too 30 right now but now have no reason to try any more which is sad because competing for actual good rewards is fun!
  • 11th place gets it the worse... just missing an Elite rune, then getting slapped in the face with a 4 star rune. It took a lot of time, effort and resources to get into top 25 for me.. I thought it was a misprint but nope - never bothered again.

    Thanks for playin
    Don’t you wish it was easier, wish you were better.
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