Question about barbarian tower bugs

Many people had reported a tower bug that allowed barbarians to trigger unbridled rage more than once on a given floor. The typical way this happened was:

1) Your team gets a barb down to zero health, unbridled rage is triggered (as expected), and the barb is invincible for one round
2) Your team dies before finishing off that barb
3) You re-enter the same floor with a new team. Instead of that barb (still at zero health) being killed easily, hitting them triggers unbridled rage again

I had thought that @Joel reported that this bug was fixed in one of the patch notes. However, I am still experiencing it in the tower.

Is anyone else still seeing this happen? If not, can anyone think of a different explanation for what I am seeing?

Thanks :)


  • danacdanac Member
    I am not.
    Sometimes I think it doesn't even trigger once.
  • It happens every single time for me. Reentry reactivates it...
  • How about the Solaris bug were you kill everyone but Solaris only to wipe come back in and the opposing team is all back alive, full health and full energy.
  • I think if they do want to count one turn after we leave (Solaris bringing team back) then she should at least be dead when we enter with 0 charge.
  • Thanks for the replies. Glad to hear it is not my imagination @MrTheWaffleKing . Guess the Deb's have to revisit some things.
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