Give players chance to buy the super game changing rare runes they missed

The pvp game changers like festival runes or tank rune hurt players and get them frustrated if they dont have them. Not everyone has been here from day 1 and you will alienate the new players we desperately need but cant find anymore. DB has made PVP very complex and difficult with these runes at our disposal, imagine if they don't have them? Make them available for purchase in an event shop. Make them appear only to players that don't have them like you currently do with the skins or make them available for purchase with money if you need a fundraiser. At least at that point, you've given people a chance to get what they missed because life got in the way of grinding tickets, pumpkins or candy canes.

In some cases, one might have been in a guild that didn't achieve max achievements a year ago and missed out on a good one.

I think this is a super important discussion, not for people to finish their collection, but for the future of the game itself.

Other runes to consider are the rare off stat runes like a double defense rune on a green or double health on a yellow.


  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    Do you think they want your money? D’uh.
  • What was the tank rune? Also the caster rune is needed.
  • What was the tank rune? Also the caster rune is needed.
    It was a Water Rune that had a Passive stat where a hero starts a dungeon with Taunt (which buffs DEF).
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    Well hammering started. I click on the revenge of the attacker who is only 1 level higher...typical barb team, loaded with unobtainable specialty runes...elite guild, community, hero, dualist, healer, etc.

    So relatively new people can't compete ..even at VIP10...putting my wallet away.

    I'm not so much pay for win, but pay for time (time spent harvesting)..I'd have no time for anything else in my day...but I'm not going to waste the leisure time I have, or the play-hard money I work for, on futility.

    3 months post events go by...put event runes in shops.
  • The core issue is that event runes are not standardized or tracked. Many event runes with the same 4th stat have varied stats and come in Elite, superior, greater varieties.

    Ideally, each color event rune would have identical attributes, respective to color. Then each account could be limited on how many specific event runes they can have.

    If this were the case, they could periodically offer the event runes to accounts that haven’t gotten them yet, like they do with skins.

    Alas, this is not how runes were implemented.
  • ..separate discussion..but can't even craft something close to these..which is nonsense.
    I've wasted so much time and game currency crafting runes that in the end, don't give the third quality or the passive I want...why make people put in all that money and effort and have it be crap in the final stretch?
    Ill-conceived....they come out as bad as the grab bags in the shop.
  • The core issue is that event runes are not standardized or tracked. Many event runes with the same 4th stat have varied stats and come in Elite, superior, greater varieties.

    They should allow post created tuning where you can tune a rune by resetting it's level (From 30 to 1). Therefor people with unique runes can achieve the higher levels. Then DB tracks the fourth stat and anyone without that fourth stat(or the max amount of runes with that stat if more are given out) in their inventory has a chance to purchase it from the deals tab in the store. Maybe if there are several unique 4th stats of different colors, they can track say, MAX two red +1 energy runes. If you have 0-1, you can buy it from the store.
  • Honestly, for returning players it's your fault you weren't there when they had these events, so don't complain. It's bound for there to be more events alike. I really don't like how they sold festive runes because they should actually be hard to obtain since they are so game-changing. I missed the caster and tank runes but you don't see me complaining. My gameplay isn't vastly different anyways, since it's (usually) easy to work your way around a meta.
  • I would agree... if they didn't have possibly meta changing impact. Things should only be THAT unique if there is a chance to get it, even if it takes a year for the same event to roll around.
  • Festive runes are meta changing, especially that purple one. the tank rune was meta changing because at the time, there weren't any good counters
  • Lol if u could only see some of the haste runes and double attack crit chance freezing skin runes you missed...blow ur mind
  • Double attack aren't that great. Only 20 percent to do another basic (with grog having 2 chances). Freezing skin is potent too but it can't be counted on because the low chance.
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