Open VIP Summon Portal To VIP 1+ (DB Makes More $$$)

DB Suggestion:
Permanently open the VIP Summon Portal to VIP 1 or higher.

Currently the VIP Summon Portal is restricted to players who are VIP 5 or higher.
For those who don't know, this translates to $100 spent by a player on this game.

So DB is automatically choosing a pool size of players who are willing to spend $100 on a mobile game to give them and only them the Portal access. And then DB's income source is further shrunk down by how many of these players are actually willing to spend their gems to use the Portal.

Wouldn't it make more sense (and more $$$ for DB) to open the VIP Portal to anyone who has spent even $1 on this game? This would increase the number of available players to spend their gems to use the portal, and requiring them to buy more gems to keep using the portal if they choose.

I could be totally wrong on this, but there's my 2c...

Please pass on this suggestion to the folks upstairs making the DB decisions, thanks!

@Joel @xtmn8r @DB_Dillon @Victoria @DB_Dave @Eej @Greg @Joveth @AshleyD


  • Must you tag all of them (even the ones that are inactive)?
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  • Yes, yes I must... :D
  • As a vip 1 player I have to ask- What the heck did I ever do to you? Keep that trashy portal to yourself.
  • I could make a smartass comment about how it should stay available to whales only like the gold keychain quest but the VIP lol. It needs a 10x summon or an upgrade to how many tokens you get. All the heroes should have the same pull chance too. It could be agnon, shade, drakk and mangle jaw and mangle jaw has the highest chance xD Kind of a ripoff if it works that way for 400 gems and $100 spent.
  • VIP portal should have 1 in 4 chance of 5 star legendary superior rune and 3 of 4 chance at tokens. The stats should be variable and no guaranteed 4th stat.

    Accumulating runes, not tokens, is the longest slog of the game. Might as well make it easier for VIP players.

    I still wouldn’t use the portal, though.
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