Hello to everyone! 😊 idea?

Dear developers and players,

I have an Idea how to make the game process more interesting. Why this awesome game does not have some sort of live pvp battles?πŸ˜›my idea is: to create a new section with live pvp. For example under tower of pwnage. Now, what is my idea.πŸ™ƒthe game finds you opponents, who are now in the game. They must be the same level and have heroes with almost similar power runes, what wears the hero. For example two superiors, one empty slot, one elite and lesser vs the same or similar. Instead of one elite - 2 superiors. (Color, lvl, type, max or not upgraded does not matter) . The attacker will spend x (20, 50, 100) amount of gems for every raid. The time starts to count under this section (5 mins for example) to prepare for battle) if opponent will left the game, his turns will be made by the system. If the attacker will win, he will get 1 point, if loose - defender will get 2 points and attacker can’t go into the any battle for next x amount of time (20 mins, 1 hour) πŸ€ͺ . And any hero will have same 6 stars, but on the top. Same 600 points to fully upgrade. One star will add 10% of basic defense, 2 - chance to buff something on the hero (fear immune, haste) and and and, all depends from developers) . And the points will get only the hero, who makes first move. So it will be more interesting to change heroes and tactics) of course idea could be better, but it could be very good by itself) it will make game more various. ThxπŸ‘»
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