Hero Idea: Kitsune, the Honorbund Caster!



Class: Honorbound Caster

Element: Dark
+35/45% vs Light units

Runes: [Dark|Dark|Dark|Fire|Nature]

0 Ascends:
Bushido- takes less damage from AOE attacks and buffs applied to this hero last an additional round
Transparent Troll- has a high chance to dodge an attack from an Assassin enemy

1st Ascend:
High Energy- all Honorbound allies will gain +2 energy at the beginning of a round
Shocking Revenge- if attacked by an AOE attack, fire small bolts of lighting at all enemies dealing small damage with a chance to Shock

2nd Ascend:
Nine Tails- will gain a stack of "tails" when dealing a Critical strike to an enemy. Stacks all the way up to 9. Each stack will allow this hero to gain a higher Dodge chance, Attack, and Crit Chance. Resets on each room
Honorable Casters- allied casters will gain a 100% chance to dodge at the beginning of one round

Attack- 2, 638
Defense- 2, 457
Skill- 1,583
Max Health- 5, 487
Crit Chance- 32%
Crit Multiplier- 200%
Dark Resist- 31%
Spirit Resist- 6%


Energy Axe- Strikes an enemy with a bolt of lighting. Will shock target and target has a chance to loose one energy

[Special] Cool Down: 5
Versatile Strikes- Strikes all enemies twice. Will get an extra attack on Crit. All Honorbound allies gain Haste

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Energy Sheild- Takes reduced damage from all attacks and allies will gain +3 energy if they get a killing blow. Lasts for two rounds

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Fear the Fox- Applies Fear to all enemies and attacks target twice. Allies will be Fear immune for three rounds


  • I love the hero idea! And the drawing!
    Level: 74
    Position: Officer of Evil Inc
    Favorite Hero: Ekko
    "Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."
  • thanks man!
  • atKorosLit wrote: »
    thanks man!

    Yeah! Usually I always try to come up with some constructive criticism, but I'm hard pressed on this one.
    Level: 74
    Position: Officer of Evil Inc
    Favorite Hero: Ekko
    "Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."
  • haha. I feel like I should've added maybe one more trait...
  • I............is that drift from fortnite?
  • In his final style too....
    Level 71 in the almighty Potato Army!
  • hehe possibly :D
  • I always like it when people have unique basic attacks, not just swing, bite, etc. Good job :) :) :)
    With unnatural fear he stirs up a fright, To scared to stay and fight
    The enemy fled, Only to be struck dead
    As his purging pyre lit up the night
  • thanks man :)
  • Lol it’s totally drift but good job, as always
  • Yea, the moment I saw him on fortnite I wanted to make him a hero lol
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