Skill runes?

Trying to understand the benefit of skill runes. Seems it makes better sense to use the other types. I found some discussion for healers, but there was a lot of disagreement. I have a good red skill rune, but I'm not sure I want to pull off attack runes for it.

When/where do you use them?


  • WasiWasi Member
    My understanding they are good for the likes of Solaris and Lily.
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  • StinkyStinky Member
    It depends entirely on what character we're talking about. For example, on Sifu I'd theoretically craft a couple of yellow focus runes to improve the chance of Paralysis stunning an enemy (I'm assuming skill does that), but I'd use a rune with attack on for the red slot. On Zomm you could use a red skill rune to increase the damage reduction of disease. I imagine Dagrand was supposed to use +attack/+skill runes, as he has two healing spells (uses skill) but a teamwide lifesteal epic attack (uses, um, attack, outside of the crit component).

    What annoys me is that the craftable skill runes are offense orientated. Defensively-runed characters that benefit from skill (Zomm, Lily, Emily, Solaris, Ekko) have to rely on special event runes and the like to get any skill. For example, my Zomm's green healer rune gives him ~+2k HP and ~+250 skill for the normal stats. Great! It's a shame I could never craft a rune with the first three stats like that, though, especially since insight runes are worthless and could be retooled to fill that niche.
  • Skill effects healing, chance for critical hit, chance to apply debuffs, and the effectiveness of many passive numbers and effects of buffs/debuffs.
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