Tower ideas: Different floor counts, Lord Chronus update, Celestial Evo drops

The tower of Pwnage has recently become sort of a chore for me, just a thing to grind gems out of. I have a few ideas to make it better though! :)

1. Different towers/floor counts
I think you should be able to gamble the amounts of floors you can do in the tower. For instance, there could be a 6-floor tower, an 8-floor, a 10-floor, 12-floor, and maybe even a 15 or 20-floor. The tower would pay much more loot for the higher-floor towers, and a lot of the rewards (more than the current amount) would be at the top floor. You wouldn’t be able to preview the floors until you select the tower you do, so it would be a gamble to choose the high-floor towers.

2. Lord Chronus rework
I’m going to be frank: for me (and probably a lot of other players), lord Chronus is a complete joke. Once you beat floor eleven, you’ve pretty much beat the tower. Maybe you could buff lord Chronus by making him a lot tankier, and maybe you could make him have minions as well. Maybe nerf the other floors slightly so that you still have the same difficulty.

3. Celestial Evo drops
It’s kind of odd how the floor-12 celestial drop works. I am a level 69 player, and the celestial Evo drops in my tower are kind of random. On a good day, I could get a rare celestial but on a bad day I could only get a single monarch. I think the celestial drop rate for floor 12 should scale by level and be something like this:

Level <30: 50% monarch x2, 30% monarch x3, 20% monarch x5

Level 30-50: 50% monarch x3, 50% common celestial

Level 50-70: 20% monarch x5, 50% common celestial, 30% rare celestial

Level >70: 40% common celestial: 60% are celestial

**Also as a closing statement, I’d like to see common celestial sin the Pwn shop, maybe for 6000 Pwn Points apiece? :smile:



    lol floor 20 kinda sounds like 420
  • hatredhatred Member
    Indifferent part 1, agree part 2. I sort of agree with part 3, except they shouldn’t level scale it. Just make it so that the monarchs always drop x5
  • StinkyStinky Member
    edited July 2018
    Please don't make the tower last any more than it already does. If you don't like it now, then making it last longer isn't going to make it any more fun.


    I'd rather they leave Lord Chromus as a pinata and save the potential bosses for PvE game modes. The tower is basically another form of PvP and it's fine that Chromus is there to relieve the stress of floors 10 and 11.

    The PvE game mode could be a daily form of the Lunar Festival dungeons, once the devs work out the kinks to that. Alternatively, instead of increasing in difficulty each time, the PvE game mode could restrict you to running each through once a day - so if you do it with an Indigo/Ekko/Agnon/Ferno team, you wouldn't be able to use those heroes in the game mode again until the reset. The idea is to actually reward people for having a wide selection of characters, rather than punishing them as the game currently does.
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