Dragon team idea

Most people(and by most people i mean @toothlessmon ) knows that I'm a dragon fanatic and i dream of there being an awesome but not too OP dragon team soooooooooo

Dragon filled mind + long awaited dragon dream team × need of more dragons in DB =MY IDEA FOR A NEW DRAGON TEAM

Dragon #1 ferno(obviously)

Dragon #2 sparkks,a dragon idea i came up with(obviously)

Dragon #3 a fire dragon that can spread fire better than koros and ferno combined....................(obviously)


the last hero for a new dragon team can be.......................archangle emily(jk)

Dragon #4 a blue long chinese dragon healer to keep the whole team alive(obviously)

So,in conclusion,if this was a real thing then I'm pretty sure DB will have alot of satisfied players and less less people will use barbs but p2w players will just make the dragons a bigger threat and there will be some people that can counter this new meta and the cycle will just go on & on & on & on.........dear god what have i done


  • williamwilliam Member
    Actually a great idea but unfortunately DB will not had it because well it isn’t there idea even though you recommended it
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