Shop rune stats change after purchase

As title says, shop rune 3rd stats changed after purchase from skill to DR, pls turn it back devs


  • Yes please fix this.I was going to buy the rune today but I would rather have skill as the 3rd stat. It’s the weekend now though, might not get fixed until Monday.
  • @Joel - I just got the rune and this is still a problem. Please fix.

    Thank you and have a great day :)
  • Fville8Fville8 Member
    I completely agree too. I wanted the skill rune. I'd like to add a vote for a fix.
  • ZorroelZorroel Member
    I’d like to see it reverted to the original stat too...
  • @Joel so are you guys going to fix this or not? Yes or no.
  • li30li30 Member
    Yeah, will devs take action to reverse it or not ?
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