I want all the people

My first 2700 gems was an all star portal, I got zom, grog, Solaris and lilly. I keep getting told my next 2700 should be shade. I can see why, he hits hard, but I'm building a beast team and an undead team and shade just doesn't fit into either. Should I still wait for a shade portal or should I get something that will benefit my teams (hansuke or koros is what I'm thinking) instead? Or furnace cuz fire tank?

Mostly for pve, my pvp team is pretty much perma zomm+3 weaker than zom until the ai becomes more i.


  • Don't waste gems on portal. Join a max crown guild and get 5 free summons a week instead.

    Regarding whether you should wait for Shade portal, I would rather have a handful of 6* FA heroes than a bunch of low star unascended heroes to choose from. You can only bring 4 max. Shade is one of the best heroes, but if you don't have the stars, runes, potions, evos, and epic level, he loses a lot of his usefulness.
  • What is a max crown guild? My guild is top 200 but I don't get any summons from it. What else do you even spend gems on? Just runes and gold? Technically I am farming a 6* shade with my tower points, it will just take a really long time (roughly 1.2 tokens per day if shade stays which I know he wont)

    My token order for points/pvp is:
    Zomm>shade>Solaris>grog>whoever looks shiny

    For stamina:
    Abigail>phemus>Yasmin>a few single token heroes>stonefist>shiniest token that has the evo/material/rune/ect. I want.

    Am I doing it wrong? I figured I had a good plan except I clearly have no idea what gems are used for (I thought ppl were farming 25 token drops tbh lol)
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