Heroes that STRONGLY hate eachother v4

If anyone even looks at these then here's another one.....

1. Sir william and Overlord Executum: these two have been battling out for ages. Fighting until they are both heavily wounded or out of energy. They are true enemies and will not rest fighting until the other is dead...........who knew chess was such a serious game?

2. Black Diamond and Brom: brom loved to wreck glass canons like BD and icepick............after the assassin update. Now he just gets destroyed by the new meta team,looks like the tables have turned(wait did i use meta right?)

3. Marrow and Shade: did marrow really think that shade would fall for his lure trick? Yes,yes he did and he was stupid for thinking that.

4. Dhaegon Stonecrusher and MajicBoss1(me): we all know that dhae is just a light rogar, and also a needs,greater,or,better,runes,hero, to be good. And i have no time to get materials to craft those runes soooooo NEGLECTED HEROES CATEGORY YOU GO!

5. Koros and Lily Blossom: koros once thought lily was was talking lettuce. And since he needed to eat more fruits and veggies he decided to.......bite off.....her head.......didnt end well tho.

6. Stonefist and Kozar Bonebreaker: kozar has spent days trying to break stonefist since he likes to break things. But even giant boulders, giant clubs,and haters telling him he will never be useful didn't break stonefist

7. Hopper and Selwyn the Enduring: hopper ate selwyn's hat once.......weird. Selwyn was mad so he froze hopper and left her in reflection halls for a month.......yeaaahhhh(I'm running out of ideas)

8. Ignus the Mad and Agnon: apparently in ignus's head, gargoyles are edible so he tried to eat agnon......stupid. Wait how much of those gummy gargoyles have ignus been eating?

9. Drakk the warlord and everybody that he can kill: 🎶you better watch out, you better not die, you better run away I'm telling you way, drakk the warlord is comin for that booty🎶

10. And last but not least(fanfares(🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣.................................IGOROK and The Furnace:...........what don't blame me i said i was running out of ideas. But seriously these 2 really hate eachother. They are literaly fricken opposites. If one gets pancakes the other gets waffles. If one plays Xbox the other plays ps4. If one wears nikes the other wears jordans. They are always at eachother's throats, especially in chess

That's all folks


  • I made the DB version of gummy bears, gummy gargoyles
  • williamwilliam Member
    edited August 2018
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