Wriggling Weald (b)

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I cannot advance as I do not have the snake characters. At 1 or 2 tokens per day, it will take about a month to unlock these characters. Then I’ll need to level them up 70 levels and buff them. Seems unreasonable/poor design. Is there a work around? Am I mistaken?


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    You're not meant to beat boss mode in a day. It is currently the end game for PVE. That's like complaining that you can't beat Sephiroth at level 1.

    P.S. You can summon the snakes in the heroic portal. Check the available heroes list before you waste your gems/summons though.
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    I feel your pain. I can't complete it because my kreel is unascended and i'm never wasting resources on this joker, my gorgons and my other reptiles are only 4 stars.
    Every other dungeon of chapter 13 I completed first try with 3*, but unless gorgons get a serious rework (or just simply making snakes on the plains register as a ranged, not melee so it doesn't get affected by skin debuffs) I won't finish this anytime soon.
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  • Never before has the game forced a hard stop like this. Requiring a long grind for 4 specific non-essential characters seems arbitrary. Further, by the time I get around to acquiring these, my mains will likely overpower the balance of “boss” mode — making it less fun. This should be rethought imho.
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    I've never liked any of the dungeons with forced heroes, whatever their rarity. Could I beat Bramblelurk Weald with the Ignus, Abi, BD, Nubs team? Probably. Do I want to, considering I haven't even summoned Ignus yet and Nubs is low level? Heck no. Happily, with the way the first half of the boss campaign is set up, it's not the end of the world; completing the dungeon and chapter would give me, what, something like 120 gems? I can live without that. The second half of the campaign looks like it might be worth beating, though, since it looks like it offers tokens.

    Element restrictions (e.g. no water heroes, or all light heroes) are fine and good since they still leave a lot of choice, at least in theory, but the "requires select heroes" dungeons completely remove any kind of decision-making in group composition, to the extent that you can't even select the heroes' turn order. Not only that, but we're prevented from running the dungeon even if we want to try and run it without all four heroes. I have a five star Viperia and Krexx, but don't have Kreel and Cobressa unlocked. Why not give me the option of trying to two-man it? Although I'd rather it was replaced with a challenge such as "all enemy hits dispel one buff", "all heroes are slowed", or something.
  • My sentiments exactly !
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