Heroic Portal Different for Players

Hey, i know the team has already aware of the bugs, but i am not sure if you are aware of this one.

I asked some players in my guild, and when i go to heroic portal and click "hero drops", these are all i get:
Balog, Phenol, Icebloom, Juluis, Igorok, Icepick, Alexandros, Sifu, Augustus, Brom, Ignus, Yoko, Malice, Indigo.
So basically just the casual heroic portal heroes. Today Kozar is featured, but he does not show up in hero drops. And it was the same scenario for yesterday's featured hero too.

And here is some other players' hero drops:
Kozar, Koros, Astrid, Zen, Hopper, all Reptiles, Bauble, Ferno, Lily...

P.S. all of us' game is updated, so i think it cant be because of the differnce in game versions.

I know you are busy with the login issues, but it would be great if you can look into this too.
Thanks! @Joel


  • Sorry, @Joel , one of my guildies warned me about the new portal so now i understand it.

    BUT, i should at least have that day's featured hero right? For example Kozar for today. And whoever tomorrow's hero is.

  • Forgot to say, my kozar is not 6 star, he is 4

    Sorry for the spam with 3 seperate messages.
  • echonapechonap Member
    Did you read this announcement? Could it explain what your guild is seeing?

  • Yes @echonap , please read my other comments down this post :smile:
    But still there is one problem. In the link you sent, it says "featured hero will appear in the portal if it is not 6 starred yet"
    However, previous featured hero Kozar did not appear for me, and he is not 6 star
    And the current one featured, GT, is still not appearing and he is not 6 star as well.
    And i know they are busy but, i really hope they can fix it as soon as possible, i badly need GT tokens and have been waiting for him to be featured for weeks.... @Joel ...
  • Ok, one last update. Turns out that it is just a visual bug.
    I did 10x summon, and i DID get a GT unlock. But i DONT see him in "hero drops"
    Maybe would be great if you could change it to avoid confusion
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