My idea for a reptile rework

The reptiles are in need of a big rework. They used to be good, but now they are terrible. Recently, I got to level 70 and unlocked the new boss mode content, only to discover that I couldn’t get past the first chapter of this new content because of the forced reptile team on the boss difficulty of one of the dungeons. I have all my reptiles runed up quite well and fully ascended (I used to use them at lower levels) as I couldn’t even get past the first room. So without further ado, here is my idea for a rework:



Scaly Clan II (already has)

Stone etcher (already has): Possibly make this a higher multiplier for both viperia and cobressa, so that stoning is more of a death sentence than a life preserver.

Neurotoxin II (already has)

Scaly Synergy (New): Recieves double healing from Cobressa’s heals. When on a team with cobressa, life steal from all targets with venom.

Poisonous snake (New): When on a team with Krexx, chance to poison on basic attacks.


Snakes on the Plains III (Same)
Cooldown: 5 (from 7)

Death bites (Buffed): Ranged Physical nite attack on all enemies for [same %] base damage that consumes up to 5 venom, adding damage for each removed. Will grant invincibility on a death blow. If on a team with cobressa, death blow will also grant cobressa invincibility.
Cooldown: 5 (from 6)

Reptile pile (Buffed): Meelee physical attack for [same %] base damage and another meelee physical attack on a random enemy. Calls all reptiles to join with the same attacks.
Cooldown: 4 (from 5)



Garden redecorator (already has): Same recommendation as viperia.

Viper gang II (already has)

Scaly supplements (New): Heals team after applying venom. Fully heals self and Viperia of on team after applying stoned.

Sneaky snake (New): Increased chance to dodge attacks from non-reptiles [20%]. If an attack is dodged, retaliate with a basic attack that applies venom to the target.


Acid spit (buffed): 3 ranged fire attacks on all enemies for [same %] base damage and chance to add 4 venom stacks. Any target at 8 venom or more gets stoned.
Cooldown: 6 (same)

Serpent spell (New): Heals all allies by 50%. Gives all reptiles cleansing regeneration. If on a team with viperia, give viperia haste.
Cooldown: 4

Drop dead gorgon (buffed): ranged spirit attack for [same %] base damage and 50% chance to stone target. If target becomes stoned, perform the attack again on a random enemy. 100% chance to stone if target has 5 or more stacks of venom. Cannot perform more than 3 attacks.
Cooldown: 7 (from 6)

Cobressa’s Epic: The Serpent Crown

+30% defense
+20% skill
+10% max health

Epic attack:
[% based on epic level] chance to deal 2x damage and stone the target.



Gorgon devotion (buffed): Will revenge attack any attack on a gorgon. When allied with a gorgon, start dungeons taunting and with 50% more health.

Sun-bathed (buffed): Allied reptiles cannot be frozen, chilled, or frostbitten. Allied reptiles also gain 15% defense.

Poisonous partners (New): When on a team with admiral kreel, has a chance to poison on basic attacks. Will 100% poison if target has venom applied.

Gorgon-forged armor (New): Armored hero that cannot be poisoned, envenomed, or diseased. Will give a stack of venom to any meelee attacker, and takes less damage from targets with venom.

Trog skin (buffed): Cleanses one debuff on self per turn. If a debuff is cleansed, heal self and all gorgons by 10%.

Blind man’s bane (New): Deals boosted damage to targets that are immune to taunt.


Tail strike (buffed): Meelee physical attack for [same %] base damage, provoking, poisoning, and applying 5 stacks of venom on target. If target is killed, basic attack all other enemies with chance to venom.
Cooldown: 5 (same)

Scale mail (same)
Cooldown: 5 (same)

Ferocious Fangs (New): 3 armor-piercing meelee physical bite attacks on one enemy for [90% ATK] with chance to apply wounded and poisoned. Gains one extra attack per status effect applied, for a maximum of 5.

(Let’s be real here, he always was the worst reptile. He needs a rework the most.)


Gorgon-forged armor (New): Armored hero that cannot be poisoned, envenomed, or diseased. Will give a stack of venom to any meelee attacker, and takes less damage from targets with venom.

Challenge accepted II (already has)

That’s a moray (buffed): Marks the last target hit, and takes less damage from all unmarked targets. If no target is marked, take less damage from all sources. At the end of Kreel’s turn, if a gorgon is on the team, add a stack of venom to all unmarked heroes.

Venomous voyager (New): All water allies get a chance to venom on basic attacks.

Debilitating Duo (New): When on a team with General Krexx, all venom on enemies will reduce enemies’ attack and defense per stack.

Defensive envenoming (New): When on a team with a gorgon, stacks of venom applied to enemies give def up to the ally that caused he venom.

Fire and water: When on a team with Cobressa, neither Kreel nor Cobressa have any elemental weaknesses and can hit critical hits on types they are usually weak to.


Tidal Terror: Applies backsplash to all enemies and basic block* to target enemy. If on a team with a gorgon, apply fear to all enemies. If on a team with both gorgons, apply basic block to all enemies.
Cooldown: 6

*basic block is a new debuff that blocks the rebuffed hero from using basic attacks. It works well with backsplashed because a lot of special skills are AOE. If no special abilities can be used (all are recharging), then the turn is forfeited.

Chow down (buffed): 3 meelee physical nite attacks dealing [same %] damage each. Purges 3 venom on each hit for increased damage. Adds one more hit per reptile on the team.
Cooldown: 4 (same)

Rallying call (New): ranged spirit attack on all enemies for [40% ATK] base damage. Gives all reptile allies 2 energy and all reptile allies (including self) attack a random enemy for the amount of venom stacks on the enemy. Any killing blows give the reptile that dealt the killing blow an attack boost.
Cooldown: 8

So what do you guys think? I think with these changes the reptiles would have more synergy and would maybe appear in the meta again! Tell me your opinions in the comments! :)


  • I just realized- I forgot to include the basic attacks! I wouldn’t change much from those though, so let’s just say they would stay the same.
  • I think the reptiles would be fine if krexx and kreel were brought in line with the gorgons in power and synergy. DB keeps on reworking heroes to be mega applicable and strong, but imo reworks should be reserved for heroes that are useless or have dated kits.
  • xJokiexJokie Member
    edited January 1
    I'm using the reptiles team right now and I really love it. But I can't agree more for an update ; especially for Kreex and Kreel. In pvp, only cobressa and viperia remain in mostly fights ! They both do crap damage and don't offer much with their kit. Only good things ,it's the taunting from kreex in the beginning , when I put Kreel in first slot and he do the splash debuff (when he don't die the first turn) and finally the invincibility buff they gives to the gorgons... Can't wait for the Epic and a good rework !

    PS: Sorry for the bad english x)
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