Patch Notes: August 13th, 2018

DB_StanleyDB_Stanley Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
Joel is out today, so I'll give this patch note thing a shot.
Today's small patch fixes:
  1. An issue with stealing and copying buffs that was reported over the weekend.
  2. Fixes the '?' icon to the proper '+' icon when 10 or more status icons are present on a hero


  • Hello @DB_Stanley, any idea when the "store-crash" will be resolved? Since the update, every time I try to enter a store (any of them, I've tried them all), the game crashes. For 2 whole days, I couldn't even play as the game was crashing after a few seconds only. I've played this game for more then 3 years and it's the first time an update breaks it bad as what we're seeing now. Some minor issues were solved but we haven't heard about this one in a few days... Is somthing being done or is the number of players experiencing this isn't important enough for you to care?
  • So that's what the ? mark was...
  • DB_StanleyDB_Stanley Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    @happyhowler the store crash seems to be a result of some interaction with the shop and versions of Apple's iOS that are older than OS 10.
    We have at least one verified account of a player upgrading their iOS Phone/Tablet operating system from OS 9.x or older to at least 10.x. For context, the latest Apple OS is something like 11.4.2. Long term, the plan is to make Dungeon Boss play nice with older versions of the OS, but I don't have a time frame for that fix. Your best bet at this time is to update the Operating System of your iOS device. I will also note that we will keep the old version of the game around as long as possible and reasonable.
    To upgrade, if you choose to take that path: On your phone, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update
  • My OS is up-to-date... Or at least, up to the latest supported version on my device. My iPad is pretty old (iPad 3) so my iOS can no longer get updated...
  • The iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, and fifth-generation iPod Touch will not run iOS 10.
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  • Brilliant. An update that nobody asked for and does almost nothing to improve the player experience has made it impossible for many existing players to play at all.

    I haven't installed the update yet, and will be resisting the urge until I hear that it's actually working on all systems (I'm on Android).

  • @DB_Stanley For me the plus sign happens when there are only 2 status effect on the hero
  • @Barleyman it seems to work fin for me on Android

    @Buddyv2013 if you tap and hold on a hero you will see all of the status effects on it
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